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Our mission

Our cultural heritage takes different forms : archaeological sites, ancient manuscripts, archives, books, letters. These written vestiges of our individual or common past are an amazing heritage, but often difficult to access. Their preservation and study are key stakes of our century. The objective of Calfa regarding cultural heritage is to help professionals to manage and enhance these documents, in order to make them accessible to the general public and available to the researchers. Our team combines the latest technologies with humanities to support the heritage. We especially work on rare and old languages, whose rich heritage could be forgotten or disappear without digitization efforts.


The projects we run

In Venice, to put the Mekhitarists' collection catalogue online

The Mekhitarists of Venice preserve more than 3.000 Armenian manuscripts from the 9th to the 20th century in the library of San Lazzaro Monastery. Calfa is in charge of text recognition from the paper catalogues after a digitization, with the objective to create a search engine making the research in the Monastery's collections easier. The Calfa OCR has been adapted to automatically detect identification information to fill in the notes.

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A free OCR to support researchers and individuals

Calfa offers free OCR shots for PhD-students, researchers or private individuals who need the transcription of a document for their work. The objective is to save the time of a manual transcription. The text detection is offered covered by Calfa, on request, for a fair use and within the page limit.

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